Germany sends its businessmen to invest in Iraq

Release date: 2017/8/8 12:50 


The new German ambassador to Iraq, Cyril Nan, said his country plans to hold two investment conferences on Iraq and send businessmen to it.

“Foreign Minister Ibrahim al-Jaafari received a copy of the credentials of the new German ambassador to Iraq, Mr. Cyril Nan, at the ministry’s headquarters. The two sides discussed the relations between Baghdad and Berlin and the need to upgrade them to achieve the ambition,” a foreign ministry statement said. Friendly people “. 

Al-Jaafari said on the sidelines of the ceremony: “We thank Germany for its stand with Iraq, our support in our fight against Daqash, the United Nations, the provision of humanitarian assistance and logistical support to the security forces,” adding that “Iraq still needs your support, especially since you have experience in rebuilding your cities, As well as your experience in the field of economic advancement. ” 

He added,” We must think about the post-liberation phase of Mosul and cooperate on its reconstruction as we have helped to eliminate the oppressor, “stressing that” we must work together to create an environment conducive to the investment of German companies in Iraq. ” 

“The readiness of the Foreign Ministry to provide all facilities for the success of the work of the German diplomatic mission in Baghdad, expressing the aspiration of Iraq to witness bilateral relations and development of cooperation to achieve security and peace.” 

For his part, the new German ambassador to Iraq the need to develop bilateral relations between the two countries “Iraq is a strong country with many opportunities and German businessmen will come to Baghdad for the purpose of investing,” he said. 

In September, two trade conferences will be held in Berlin, one of which will be held in Berlin by the Arab Businessmen Association and the other in Hanover, organized by the Iraqi Businessmen Association for Trade, a good sign of mutual interest between businessmen from both countries.


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