Central Bank: the Kurdistan and the Kurds stole 6 trillion dinars from our deposits?!




Central Bank: the Kurdistan and the Kurds stole 6 trillion dinars from our deposits?!


08-08-2017 03:23 PMThe Euphrates –

The Central Bank of Iraq revealed the theft of the Kurdistan region about five trillion dinars of the bank’s deposits in the Ministry of Finance in the province during the control of the organization calling on the cities,

The Central Bank said in a statement that the organization stole about one trillion dinars from three provinces, stressing that the revenues of the organization amounted to about two billion dollars a year, adding that the estimates in the light of the latest financial situation of branches of banks controlled by the dues, stating that the total amounts were, 856 billion dinars, in addition to 101 million dollars, and most of these deposits belong to the government departments and related to provincial projects within the budget in 2014, as well as the assets of the Ministries of Defense and Interior, and balances belonging to the minorities of Christians and Yazidis and Shabak and Turkmen and all sects and sects Mieh Alakhary, in addition to the assets of some small local companies that left the owners of these cities because of the events of the war and occupation of their areas Aldaasha




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