Barzani Party: Kurdistan delegation to Baghdad will not consider its consent to the referendum .. He goes on even if rejected



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Baghdad today – Baghdad

A member of the Kurdistan Democratic Party (DDP), Dana Jaza, said on Tuesday that the Kurdish delegation’s visit to Baghdad does not come in order to take the approval of the referendum.

“A Kurdish delegation representing Kurdish parties will visit Baghdad next week to discuss several issues, the most important of which is the issue of referendums and disputes over many laws,” Jaza said in an interview with Baghdad today.

“The president of the region Massoud Barzani will not be with the delegation going to Baghdad,” adding that “there are messages and contacts are carried out daily between Baghdad and Erbil aims to bring the views of the two sides closer.”

He pointed out that “the Kurdish people is determined to hold the referendum on schedule, even if the Iraqi government opposed this matter because it is a constitutional right and legal to determine the fate of peoples.”

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