Abadi: We are working to consolidate the unity of Iraq

09/8/2017 12:00 am

Announced the approval of some of the timing of the plans of liberation
Baghdad / morning
response of the Prime Minister and Commander-in-Chief of the Armed Forces, Dr. Haider Abadi on the advocates of partition, strongly rejected, stressing that the government worked and work to consolidate the unity of Iraq in accordance with the Constitution.
These responses came as he stressed the absence of red lines for our forces within the borders, declaring the failure of all kidnappings during the past period.
The Prime Minister said at his weekly press conference and attended the “morning” yesterday: “I agreed to some of the timing of military plans to free the remaining land of usurped.” “We do not have a rally outside Iraq, and any force that comes out of the border is not in the crowd, because the popular crowd is an Iraqi body that operates according to the law.”
On the news of the bombing of the international coalition of a force of the Brigades of the martyrs, Abadi said: “The intelligence of the crowd said that they know nothing about them, and the joint operations said that the gangs had used sophisticated guns and car bombs, but we have no confirmation on the ground if the incident outside the border Iraq in Syria “.
“The results of the investigation so far have not confirmed this issue, especially since there is no authority for the International Coalition to bombard,” Abadi said. “We have contacted the brigades of Sayyid al-Shuhadaa by the crowd, and so far it is not certain even for them. Iraq flag”.
He also stressed that “our security forces have foiled dozens of kidnappings during the past period and have been returned to their families,” calling on citizens to “report as quickly as possible any abduction.”
On the Kurdish delegation scheduled to visit Baghdad next week, the prime minister said: “We are ready to discuss, but there is a constitution and a law that separates it.” There is no authority for the government to accept secession, and we are still holding on to the unity of Iraq, But living together, there is no need for separation and living alone and Iraq is unified under the Constitution. ”
The province of Sulaymaniyah on Tuesday launched the campaign “not to the referendum now” with the participation of a number of parliamentarians and political and academic figures in Kurdistan, amid assurances that the holding of the referendum at the moment does not serve the higher interests of the people of Kurdistan.





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