Abadi: We are ready to discuss the secession of the province and do not mobilize us outside Iraq (expanded)


Release Date: 2017/8/8 21:20 • 99 times scheduled
(Baghdad: Al-Furat News) Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi, the readiness of the federal government to discuss the referendum on the secession of the Kurdistan region in accordance with the law and the Constitution.
“We are ready to discuss the referendum in the region, but there is a constitution and a law that details this, but how will we move forward and the government does not have the authority to accept secession,” Abbadi told a weekly news conference.
“The care and protection of journalists is important because it conveys the truth to the citizens,” he said. “We do not want to harm the security forces and their reputation for individual practices.”
“There are US forces on the Syrian side and we do not have a popular crowd outside Iraq and those who are out of the border are not in the crowd because the popular mobilization is an Iraqi body that operates according to the law and has a brigade and factions and has activity,” Abadi said. .
He added that ”
Intelligence crowd said she did not know anything about the US air strike directed to the battalions of the martyrs on the Iraqi – Syrian border and joint operations said Daesh used sophisticated guns and a car bomb, but we have no confirmation on the ground in front if the incident outside the Iraqi border in Syria. ” He noted To “contact with the Brigades of the martyrs of the martyrs by the crowd and for now it is not even confirmed for them,” calling for “not fueling the subject and the results of the investigation so far has not confirmed this subject,” noting that “there is no authority for the International Coalition bombing without the knowledge of Iraq and everyone denied it including the crowd itself. ”
wa Ed that ”
Our strategy is to diversify the economy and we formed a higher committee to take care of it, but there is a delay due to the corruption and corruption and this committee to support investment in Iraq and its benefit to stimulate the economy and create jobs and there is a great interest in them, and many countries aspire to take advantage of investment opportunities in Iraq and there is confidence in the Iraqi economy despite the war and the decline of oil. He pointed out that “the issuance of Iraqi treasury bonds by a complete Iraqi decision and the possibilities of exclusive without any external support in this framework, Treasury bonds in all countries of the world launched billions, a government guarantee for shares related to confidence in the economy of the state,” noting that “two years ago we put a billion dollars The average turnout but surprised by the high interest rate {11.5%} were canceled bonds. ”
He recalled that”
We repeated the issue of bonds this year after the reform of administrative and economic reforms and the credit rating rose because of reforms and there is confidence and put back a billion dollars and the demands came six times and the benefit of {6.7} a huge decline evidences the large demand for them and low interest demonstrates confidence in the Iraqi economy, and we continue to reform and provide suitable for investment environment. ” and completed” as we discussed in the energy Committee ‘s oil policy strategy tours licensing and contracting service tours companies , “noting that” our policy is working to provide electricity 24 hours and good prices for Iraqi families and capable of it , “pointing out that” we put the Crown is much better and the status of Iraq is enhanced, and there is interest from the world in Iraq and his experience in the war against terrorism. ”
He said that”
The closure of the file of oil for food in full of the month of June and the exit of Iraq this file of the seventh item in the Security Council and the funds were released to Iraq, and remained only compensation Kuwait and there is negotiations with it was discussed to end this file in full to exit Iraq from Chapter VII. “The liberated cities have begun to recover, including the recent opening of the industrial district in Falluja, as it will restore economic activity,” he said. “We are continuing to prepare for the liberation of Tal Afar and Hawija and its environs and areas west of Anbar, And was contracted with companies producing electricity to supply power to Nineveh and are now operating the power station dam Mosul ”
Abbadi said that” during the past period has been arrested several gangs of kidnapping and organized crimes, “calling on citizens to”
The news of any abduction quickly as it is important in the follow-up of the crime has been thwarted dozens of operations thanks to this speed and the activity of the security services on this side. ” He pointed out that” the Council of Ministers discussed the merger of the former companies of military manufacturing in the Ministry of Industry and Minerals and was consolidated in the General Military Industries to eliminate the slack, as well as to discuss the amendment of the amnesty law, and we want a healthy relationship with the House of Representatives to vote on this amendment to prosecute those who commit kidnappings and inclusion in the law. ”
he stressed that” airport security is controlled and we want to control and put larger and make the flow of where keeping security and applied S law on everyone , “stressing that” there are no red lines on the Iraqi forces inside Iraqi territory , and there is no foreign force fighting in Iraq, “recalling that”
“The T-90 tanks is an old contract with Russia and was an armored brigade and the agreement was modified to half of the brigade because of financial scarcity and soon will be supplied to Iraq.” The prime minister stressed the need to develop relations with neighboring countries, but not at the expense of the Iraqi interest, saying, “We want to achieve our interests in cooperation with “Since the Iran-Iraq war, we have lost martyrs, money and development, and the region and the Islamic world have no opinion of the world because of differences and conflicts with the waste of our strength and development.”
“We are hearing rumors about the popular mobilization to make a demographic change, but the reality on the ground is lying, we are keen on the security of Iraq,” he said.
He continued, The conflict will lose the Iraqi wealth again, but the agreement and cooperation will achieve progress. We have no choice but to live together in Iraq, and there is no need for separation and living in isolation. Iraq is united under the constitution. Including the areas controlled by the Peshmerga and must cooperate to return the displaced because they are right to them. ” He explained that” the investigations into the release of Qatari fishermen are still continuing, “noting that” the fall of Mosul and the crime of Spyker terrible and now pursue criminals and some outside Iraq and will not guide us but That the law, and we will not keep silent about it and continue to uncover the graves of victims of Spyker and we will pursue the perpetrators even if it took years, and the countries today cooperate with this file, “noting that”



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