The Supreme Council for the referendum: the delegation of the Kurdistan region will go to Baghdad within the next two days


By Rudao 2 hours ago
سعدي أحمد بيره
Saadi Ahmed Bireh

Ruudau – Erbil

The Supreme Council for the referendum, that the delegation of the Kurdistan region will go to the Iraqi capital Baghdad, to hold official talks with government officials on the referendum on independence, noting that “the appointment of members of the delegation will be today.”

“The media often misrepresent the positions of countries in the referendum,” said a member of the council, a spokesman for the Patriotic Union of Kurdistan, Saadi Ahmed Bireh, at a seminar on the referendum held on Monday, August 7, 2017. For example, the United States and other countries opposed the referendum, and the fact that no one said that it is against the referendum, but affirm that they have some observations and this does not mean rejection.

He added that “Europe and America and all the neighboring countries were against the division of Yugoslavia, and was always repeated emphasis on the unity of Yugoslav territory, but after the separation of Croatia was the United States the first country to open an embassy, ​​and this also happened in the Czech and many other countries,” following that ” The world’s observations about a process like the referendum are normal, but the survival of dependence is the real dilemma. “

“This is a lie, when did the Kurds say that we would achieve our independence through the use of this military force or that? We want to declare independence through dialogue, and when the dialogue was,” he said, “the people who exploit the situation are creating fears among citizens to push them to store food. Cause the closure of borders and the starvation of citizens? “.

The member of the Political Bureau of the Patriotic Union of Kurdistan that “we will meet this evening to appoint members of the delegation, who will visit Baghdad during the next two days to conduct the dialogue, and I think that what will be said in Baghdad will be essential, and we will assure Baghdad in the first place and Turkey and Iran neighbors second geopolitical region, The international community that the Kurds will not lay the basis for destabilizing the security of the region and its political systems, on the contrary, Kurds have never wanted to be a destabilizing factor, but that the right to self-determination means stability and coexistence, not mandatory.

Translated and edited by: Shunem Abdullah Khoshna

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