Democratic Kurdistan reveals the details of the visit of the Kurdish delegation to Baghdad .. Letter “escalation” to Abadi!


Policy     access_time 2017/08/07 20:14

Baghdad today – Baghdad

The Kurdistan Democratic Party (KDP) announced on Monday the date and details of the expected visit of a Kurdish delegation to Baghdad to discuss the file of the referendum on independence, stressing that it will carry a message to the Prime Minister Haider Abadi.

“The Kurdish delegation will arrive in Baghdad next Wednesday, and it is likely to be headed by the Prime Minister of the Kurdistan region, Najirvan Barzani,” said MP Najib Najib, in a statement to Baghdad today.

Najib said that “the delegation will meet with Prime Minister Haider al-Abbadi and some officials and heads of political blocs, to discuss the subject of the referendum in the Kurdistan region, and know the interest of Iraq and Kurdistan of the referendum and the future relationship between the two sides,” asserting that “the delegation will tell Abbadi that the Kurds do not need to take permission From any party to hold the referendum. “

A number of media have revealed the expected visit of a small delegation of “decision-makers” in the Kurdistan region to the capital Baghdad on the tenth of this month on the referendum scheduled for September 25 this year.



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