US Ambassador to Jibouri: Iraq’s unity is an important step in a confrontational confrontation

Release date: 2017/8/6 18:20105 times read
BAGHDAD (Reuters) –
Speaker of the Iraqi Parliament Salim al-Jubouri discussed with his Iraqi counterpart , the US ambassador to Iraq Douglas Soliman, the most important political and security developments in the region.
“The two sides discussed joint coordination in the fight against terrorism and the war against the terrorist, as well as the reconstruction of the liberated areas and the return of displaced people,” a statement from the al-Jubouri office said.
“The liberation of the remaining areas requires more coordination between Iraq and the international coalition to end the occupation of the areas he controls, and start the reconstruction of destroyed cities and the return of displaced to their areas as soon as possible.”
“In the next stage, we are expected to have the important benefits of passing important laws and starting to complete the liberation of all the lands under its control and urging the return of the displaced, which requires the concerted efforts of all international and local institutions to accelerate their realization.”
For his part, the US ambassador expressed his country’s keenness to support Iraq in its fight against terrorism, stressing that the unity of Iraq in the face of calling the terrorist is an important step towards restoring stability and security in all regions of the country.



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