Urgent policy: Parliament adopts 1.7 instead of 1.9 by electoral law

Urgent: Parliament adopts 1.7 instead of 1.9 by election law

 Twilight News    

 26 minutes ago
The parliamentary blocs agreed the parliamentary blocs in the Iraqi parliament on the amendment of the summer legislative elections and the upcoming local elections sparked controversy and prompted the emergence of protests. 

The Iraqi parliament voted on the first of this month, 21 articles of the provincial elections law only, and adopted the method of St. Lego in the calculation of votes and the distribution of seats, and the amendment to become (1,9) instead of (1), which was approved in the previous local elections. 

Parliament Speaker Salim al-Jubouri held a meeting with heads of political blocs to discuss the provincial elections law. 

A source at the meeting told the twilight news that the community agreed that the presidency of parliament will present the government’s proposal to vote, which provides for the system of counting votes 1.7. 

The objections to the new electoral law approved by the Iraqi parliament revolve around article 12 of the law concerning the distribution of seats and the method of counting electoral votes, which states: First, the correct votes for each list are divided into serial numbers (1.9, 3, 5, 7) Etc ..) and the number of seats in the constituency and then the search on the highest number of division results to give a seat and repeat the situation until all the seats of the constituency is exhausted Second: the distribution of seats on the candidates list and rearrange candidates based on the number of votes obtained by the candidate The first winner is who gets to The number of votes in the open list and so on for the rest of the candidates to be a woman after the end of all three winners regardless of the winners of the men 

According to this method will get the upper parties electoral votes, the proportion of seats in the largest is exceeded the small parties and that got a number of The votes granted by the right to get seats in the parliament and provincial councils and districts 

The new electoral law, will allow the largest blocs first winner of the elections to dominate the power and control of the Iraqi political scene in full, as confirmed in advance, the head of the Virtue Parliamentary bloc Deputy, Ammar Tohma


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