The world awaits the “bloody moon”



منوعات الأحد All times are GMT +3. The time now is 06:00 PM .
The world awaits the “bloody moon”

Baghdad / Sky Press: a

On Monday, people on Earth are looking for a rare cosmic phenomenon called the “bloody moon”, as the moon will be fully visible and will become reddened in a few days.

The moon, which will be at its peak at 02:12 pm over parts of the United States, is known as the Sturgeon, compared to the sturgeon, which is easy to catch at this time of year.

The “bloody moon” will be clearly visible in the Arab region due to the cool weather of these summer days.

The US fishing tribes of Badr in August launched this name; the availability of this species of sturgeon fish in large quantities during this month.

It was called the Native Americans – who knew the chapter according to the lunar calendar – other names such as, “Green Corn Moon” and “Moon Grain” and “Red Moon” because of the tendency to color to red.

Traditionally, several names have been launched on the moon, including the Wolf Moon in January, the Snow Moon in February, the Worm Moon in March, the Pink Moon in April, the Moon in May and the Strawberry Moon in June.


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