The future of the Iraqi economy in the digital age

Author: Dr. The appearance of Mohammed Saleh
08/06/2017 0:00
The World Economic Forum held at the Dead Sea conference during May 2017 under the theme of empowering generations towards the future and focused discussions on the subject , in essence , run youth forces in the digital age or the current fourth technological revolution. 
Faced with the phenomenon of the inability of large companies from the broad operation of the labor force young to bring high – density technology as well as the inability of governments to provide employment opportunities (especially from the young nations the proportion of young people in which about 6 percent of the total labor force) due to walk down the principle of effective small e – government, so the available to run opportunities are reaching the so – called ecosystem eCO system: any rapid bonding for all energies talented for young people and capacity leadership supported Balapetkart that deal with the digital age to form kegs productive work and beneficiaries at the same time , through behavioral phenomena administrative dynamics (Yatta Lq by radical change idiomatically creative disruption) , a combination of managerial leadership and the ability to innovate and talent to generate new products and new markets , all of which form the basis of the ecosystem – strong small and medium – sized enterprises interconnected
Valtrabottat between inputs for small and medium enterprises and outputs that deal IT capabilities mutual all come (as an interactive) to maximize the efficiency of production and the introduction of new products generating new markets as Zkr.ama the role of the state will remain equipped with the foundation of infrastructure (physical and legal) and to facilitate business and simplification of procedures , with an emphasis on the principle of partnership and interaction between the state and the market. 
Also it raised important economic theory in the concept of the digital market balance issues, for example , taking the Marshall Law in the supply and demand (for price fixing equilibrium) a new concept in the digital market balance.
Digital equilibrium is representing equivalent Prices are demand with supply. 
(Where the display here contain all the problems , including infrastructure , government bureaucracy and other problems and get off to them alone minimum optimization by simplifying procedures and transparency of the supervisory regulations). 
Thus, the summary of the ideas that came out of the ecosystem Anfa is the main director of the operating system and the face of unemployment through the new product that is easy to achieve the growth of these digital tools intensity 
and capabilities of information technology , both in the establishment of business incubators Uchiad system for residential units , low – lying cost or the use of solar energy or new technologies in agriculture or the use of artificial intelligence, ie , through the establishment of small units, medium and interconnected production operates a unified digital base in the exchange of information to form Bahaalnzam ecological optimization , which will be a powerful force essential for the operation of the power Alp Young confidentiality. 
Noticed that Iraq in the current circumstances is in dire need for an effective step to assemble small and medium – sized enterprises leading to the formation of the nucleus of a system of ecological internal financing international or both from international funding agencies or has a project central bank lending or other to achieve the digital age and prerogatives in the operation of the energies working young generation new products in accordance with the soft base information for each product grouping, for example , are not limited to notice that the Arab world currently spends annually on the translation of more than $ 1.2 billion , a chance to establish units translation tools modern digital activity component of the ecosystem and examples of p Li so
Thus we see the importance of walking a new digital Iraq era and Bdaamtin pillars: The
first is : to start setting up a system of corporate youth leader (SME, s) in various agriculture and construction fields and branches of digital innovations production exclusively in coordination between the relevant ministries of higher education, youth, sports, labor and social affairs and planning, as well as Bank international and benefit from the vast experience in this regard.
The other: the creation of the necessary means to encourage the establishment of small leading companies for innovative products and create new national markets as: the leading young companies implicated in one synthesis system works according to a database and data efficient, order to realize the economy of a digital real , which means the use of Internet networks to facilitate business exchange and contractual society, with emphasis on the principle of availability of digital justice (ie , making use of the internet operations available to all without discrimination or restricted to specific community groups).

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