Source: Abadi visiting the province of Babylon today evening

Baghdad today – Babylon

A source familiar with the province of Babylon, on Saturday, a visit by Prime Minister Haider Abadi evening to the province of Babylon to attend a festival to celebrate victory.

The source told Baghdad today that Prime Minister Haider Abadi will visit Babil province on Saturday evening to attend the victory festival, which will be held on the Babylonian theater.

“The festival, which will be attended by 2000 young people from all governorates of Iraq, is dedicated to celebrating the victories, especially the victories of the liberation of Mosul.”

On the program of the festival revealed the source included a speech to the sponsor of the festival the Prime Minister and events and poetry poems reflect this victory.

The source pointed out that Abadi’s visit will be limited to attending the festival and will not include other paragraphs.


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