Iraq is concluding a $ 192 million contract with Japan to rehabilitate a power plant in Basra


Signed a contract between Iraq and Japan

Iraq and Japan signed a $ 192 million contract on Saturday to rehabilitate an electricity plant in the southern province of Basra in an effort to curb the power shortage crisis.

A statement issued by the Prime Minister’s Office and received by the Independent said today that Abbadi sponsored the signing ceremony of the mutual memoranda between Iraq and Japan for the rehabilitation of the thermal stage station (Phase II) in the province of Basra at a cost of 195 million dollars.

The contract was signed on the Iraqi side by Maher Hammad, Undersecretary of the Ministry of Finance Agency, and on the Japanese side, Japanese Ambassador to Iraq Fumio Iwai.

During his meeting with Abadi before the conclusion of the contract, the Japanese ambassador confirmed his country’s support for Iraq in the post-stage, and called for the rehabilitation of infrastructure, training projects and job creation as well as energy and financial management projects.

The Ministry of Electricity announced on Tuesday that it has achieved an unprecedented production of energy at the rate of 15700 MW. (End)


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