Lebanese newspaper: Sadr demonstrations fall within the movement to block the return of al-Maliki to power

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Baghdad today – follow-up

Al-Akhbar newspaper said that the leader of the Sadrist movement, Moqtada al-Sadr, seeks to move through demonstrations that reject clauses in the provincial elections law and his positions also to prevent the return of the rival leader of a coalition of state law Nuri al-Maliki to power.

The newspaper said in a report that “Sadr seeks to restrict the situation« Maliki », in reference to Maliki, as seen in the electoral law« 1.9 »to consecrate his control of the Iraqi parliament, and thus can Maliki to contribute to the manufacture of the next prime minister, The Iraqi must be called the largest parliamentary blocs prime minister. “

She added that Sadr “criticized the popular silence on passing the law, which gives the opportunity for the« big blocs to seize the votes of the voters at the expense of small blocs and independent candidates », stressing the need to« the participation of claimants in Tahrir Square, and in the provinces, each according to his ability and ability … Demonstration demonstrating the will of the people “.

The «Free bloc» parliamentary of the «Sadrist movement» has expressed surprise «vote on the electoral law», saying that «did not vote».

She said in her statement that «the law that was voted strengthens the monopoly of large blocs of power and prevents all options for the Iraqi people to pass any reform project», adding, «We assure the Iraqi people that we were, and we are still demanding to implement all options of the people demanding reforms, Especially the legislation of the election law guarantees the real representation of the people of Iraq and end the political tutelage by the large political blocs ».

Sadr’s call came after the approval of the Iraqi Council of Representatives on the legislative amendment to the electoral law, and adoption of the formula «St. Lego 1.9» (This law raises the proportion of the electoral score, the chances of controlling the parliament of the large blocs, which is based on the major constituencies), which sparked criticism of parties As a system that contributes to the continuation of large blocs in the “hegemony” of the Council, and the “exclusion” of the opposition voices.

In his interview with «News», Salah al-Obeidi, a spokesman for Sadr, said that «the current adheres to the electoral law St. Lego rate 1.4» (contributes to the accessibility of small blocs, because the proportion of the electoral score less, which is based on the smaller districts).

He refused to consider the demonstrations as a reflection of Sadr’s recent visit to Saudi Arabia. Al-Obeidi stressed that the demonstration is “a continuation of the previous demonstrations, and continued every Friday in Tahrir Square,” pointing out that “the movement of the Sadrists aimed at reform at various levels.”


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