Iraq announces the return of its assets held by the United Nations
24 minutes ago

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Iraq announced on Thursday the recovery of funds held under the oil program for food and medicine, estimated at more than 130 million dollars.

The ministry spokesman said in a statement today that “the Iraqi funds seized by the United Nations under the oil program for food and medicine amounting to 131 million dollars in addition to its benefits for six years after the Iraqi Ministry of Foreign Affairs was authorized by the Council of Ministers and with the support of the President And the contribution of the Secretariat General of the Council of Ministers to negotiate the latest commitments related to this program and two rounds of negotiations with the Secretariat of the United Nations on the completion of Iraq’s obligations relating to his release from Chapter VII.

He explained that “expected by the end of this year to end all the burdens of the decisions of Chapter VII borne by Iraq because of what the regime committed by the policies and follies that tied Iraq’s money and led to the detention of international organizations.”

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