US delegation to the port of Trebil in preparation for the opening of the Iraqi-Jordanian border


وفد أميركي بمنفذ طريبيل تمهيداً لفتح الحدود العراقية –الأردنية

A joint US delegation from the US Department of Defense and representatives of the US security firm that won the road safety contract between Baghdad and Amman for a second day in a row held extensive meetings with local officials and Iraqi army officers in Anbar province in the west of the country. Between Iraq and Jordan.

 A senior Iraqi official in Baghdad said that the American delegation began yesterday, with aerial surveys and monitoring the situation in the region in general, starting with the border with Jordan, along the international road link between Baghdad and Amman, noting that “the American company (Olive) Securing the international road, as soon as possible. “
He added that “the issue of parliament’s objection to the company, because of its true identity, and considered a copy of ( Blackwater ) notorious, will be the subject of debate within parliament and the government, as the company confirmed that it is continuing to implement the terms of the contract.”


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