Parliamentary Finance calls for refund of the budget appeal after processing the amendment

– 8/1/2017 AM . 10:18:00 a.m. 67 Number of readings

Khandan –
The Finance Committee of the Iraqi Council of Representatives called on the Federal Supreme Court to respond to part of the appeals submitted to the budget, as it was dealt with in an amendment to the law, pointing out that it took the view of the government in the transfers conducted last week on the financial allocations, whether salaries or dues crowd and displaced people as well as Amounts of the Ministry of Health. 
“A meeting that was held before the budget amendments were approved included members of the Finance and Legal Committee of the General Secretariat of the Council of Ministers,” said Masoud Haider, a member of the committee. 
“Our request was to wait for the outcome of the decision of the Federal Supreme Court and then proceed with the amendments, but the representatives of the General Secretariat insisted on passing it on the pretext that it does not intersect with it,” Haider told the New Sabah newspaper. 
He explained that “the Committee took the view of the government in this aspect and went through the amendments being important and urgent and can not be delayed.” 
Haidar said that “the House of Representatives showed flexibility and assistance to the government in the amendments approved last week, as the subject touches on important segments.” 
He stressed that “the government was in the face of the street on the salaries of employees and retirees popular mobilization and displaced persons as well as subjects of high privacy.” 
He called the federal court to “take into account the budget amendments,” warning of “confusion may affect the legal structure of the budget in the event of revocation of all the contested articles unconstitutionality, especially Article 59.” 

He pointed out that “transfers reviewed by the Council of Ministers before being conducted by Parliament as well as the case of spending, which increased by an average of 6.7 trillion Iraqi dinars.” 
Haidar said that “our measures also affected the Ministry of Health, which we transferred to about 400 trillion dinars for the purpose of buying medicines and the government to spend these amounts in the right field.”

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