Kuwait sets the first quarter of 2018 to hold a donor conference for the reconstruction of Iraq

A devastating area


 Emaar Construction

Economy News Baghdad: 
Kuwait’s Deputy Foreign Minister Khalid Al-Jarallah said that Kuwait has started contacts with the countries of the world, the World Bank and the Republic of Iraq to prepare for hosting a donor conference for the reconstruction of liberated Iraqi areas.
Al-Jarallah told reporters on the sidelines of his participation in the ceremony of the Iraqi embassy in the liberation of the city of Mosul that “there was no date for the conference but it is likely to be in the first quarter of next year,” noting that “Kuwait stands with Iraq from the beginning And supports it through the international coalition and bilateral relations that bring together the two brotherly countries. ”
In response to a question on bilateral relations with Iraq, al-Jarallah said that “his country has understandings, coordination and harmony with Iraq and is able through this coordination to overcome any problems that may occur.”
The Amir of Kuwait, Sheikh Sabah Al-Ahmad Al-Jaber Al-Sabah, last July telephoned Prime Minister Haider Abadi, in which he expressed his congratulations to the government and the people of Iraq to win a duel in Mosul, stressing the readiness of the State of Kuwait to host an international conference to restore the liberated areas in Iraq, Last June that the cost of destruction of infrastructure because of the war on the dodge of more than 100 billion dollars.



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