Kuwait aims to raise $ 20 billion in preparation for a donor conference for the reconstruction of liberated areas



Kuwait aims to raise $ 20 billion in preparation for a donor conference for the reconstruction of liberated areas


01-08-2017 10:19 PMThe Euphrates –

The Kuwaiti government on Tuesday announced the start of extensive contacts in order to prepare for hosting the conference for the reconstruction of Iraqi areas liberated from the control of the organization ‘Da’ash’ terrorist, while sources in the Office of Prime Minister, Haider Abadi, that the hopes of the Conference to collect at least $ 20 billion of Donor countries that will participate in the conference likely to be held in the coming months, which will restore the minimum services to cities liberated such as water and electricity and rehabilitation of hospitals and part of the destroyed schools.

Kuwaiti Foreign Minister Khaled al-Jarallah told reporters today that he was preparing to host a donor conference for the reconstruction of liberated areas from the hands of a preacher in Iraq, No date has been set for the conference, but it is likely to be in the first quarter of next year.
For his part, said a senior Iraqi official in the office of Haider Abadi, the government seeks to urge the brothers in Kuwait to urgently convene the conference as soon as possible, because of the disruption of the return of about two million Iraqis to their cities, being destroyed and in need of services, and the government is unable to address something or reconstruction of something . Adding that it is hoped that the collection of about 20 billion dollars during the conference, which is sufficient for the minimum cities liberated such as reconstruction of water and electricity stations and bridges and the rehabilitation of hospitals and a part of schools, as the estimated value of losses of these cities about $ 100 billion to return to what it was.

The source pointed out that the participation of some 40 Arab and foreign countries in the conference will be participation in political dimensions including an international position against terrorism. He stressed that the most prominent countries that have so far been confirmed are America, Britain, France, Italy, Germany, Sweden, Austria, Holland, Canada, Australia, Japan, China and Venezuela. , As well as Qatar, Saudi Arabia and the UAE. Turkey will also participate, and Iran has not yet decided whether or not to participate.

Local reports estimate the total losses incurred by cities in the west and north of Iraq at more than $ 100 billion, including the infrastructure of these cities, such as road networks, bridges, dams, power stations, water and sanitation, communications, hospitals, schools, institutes, universities, agricultural and animal sectors, Destruction by terrorist operations and aerial bombardment of the International Coalition during the battles directed by the organization ‘Daash’ of the cities.

The cities of Fallujah, Mosul, Ramadi, Tikrit, Hawija, Hartbeh, Hit, Jorf al-Sakhr and Baiji are the largest cities in terms of damage, some of which reach about 80%.
However, the Iraqi prime minister estimated the losses at about $ 40 billion without counting the losses of the material citizens, where the estimated number of destroyed housing units (homes and apartments) by more than a quarter of a million units between full destruction and partial or burning.
The Iraqi government finds it very difficult to pay the salaries of its employees at the present time, which makes the possibility of reconstruction of these cities and return to the population of about 7 million people, at the expense of the government is impossible.

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