Abadi announces the start of the bombing of Tal Afar and does not expect large grants at the Kuwait Conference [expanded]


Release Date: 2017/8/1 20:52 • 112 times scheduled
The Commander-in-Chief of the Armed Forces, Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi, announced the start of aerial bombardment of the remaining occupied areas by the hands of gangs calling for terrorist, including the district of Tall Afar west of Mosul.
“A plan has been drawn up and reviewed two days ago, and the process is going on. I do not set a date for the presence of a military and logistic side related to the provision of air cover and we await the decision of the military commanders to declare,” Abadi said at the weekly press conference. Launch “.
“We insist on the participation of all factions to liberate these cities and we do not want any slowdown in the liberalization process and the numbers of hidden alarms started to decrease and they were in the thousands,” he said.
“We have also set a timetable for the return of displaced people to Ayman Mosul and continue to restore basic services there. They are keen on the safety of the displaced, their return is practical and correct, and we do not want to return to the area,” he said.
pointed to ”
“We are giving thanks and appreciation to them and their families and even the fighters for their training in the liberation operations,” warning “all the countries of the world to lax in front of the terrorists and we have achieved in Iraq a great victory” “We should pay attention to the danger of this terrorist entity and eliminate it completely, and the prosecution of the evangelists and recruit them and prevent tolerance in some countries,” he said, adding that “Iraq has proposed a draft law to prosecute terrorism before the UN Security Council” .
He pointed out t Prime Minister to “assign an advisory team from the University of Mosul and professionals from Nineveh and the rest of the provinces of Iraq to develop a study to rehabilitate Mosul while preserving the heritage of the city.”

The Council of Ministers voted to approve the initiative and formed a committee headed by the Prime Minister and the membership of ministers among them,” Abadi said. Construction and housing, investment and Finance and the Secretariat of the Council of Ministers and advisers, which is an important issue in determining the march of the country to provide housing for citizens and will stimulate the national economy. ”
the Abadi , ” we have a package of measures to combat corruption and provide employment opportunities, and we will present a set of decisions to fight corruption As well as in the process of administrative reform , “pointing to” vote on the draft accession of the Republic of Iraq to the UNESCO Convention on the Protection of Underwater Cultural Heritage Minister and send it to parliament for approval. ”
He continued”
The Council also voted on a draft Social Insurance Law, which aims to provide ensure that every Iraqi works and this law was designed for that, where allocated a pension for every citizen in addition to encouraging the private sector and work in Iraq , as well as ensuring the families of martyrs rights and the granting of privileges to them. ” The” Vote the Council of Ministers on the bill and hope that the parliament passed quickly as important for the Iraqi economy. ”
and Iraq ‘s relations with neighboring countries and visiting officials God , Ebadi said : ” we have a strategy for the development of these relations were steps studied , “noting that ” we do not want media relations , but solid foundations strong and getting better and lasts not Affected by Bal Rihat in the interest of all and most importantly the fight against terrorism , economic and trade cooperation , “pointing out that” what they did Daesh make everyone defames threatening and dangerous comprehended. ”
And the recent visit of the cleric Moqtada al – Sadr to Saudi Arabia , said Abadi”
Healthy phenomenon can play the political blocs role in this aspect in the development of relations , they reflect Ray street which is good and good and we have no problem with this framework but is supposed to be anything to do with her vision of the Iraqi state does not mean the vision of the government only. ” And on the province of Kirkuk , statements about the accession of the province “I have heard the governor say that he wants to be specific to the province and not to join the region, which is normal and we hope to abide by that.”
On the date of the reopening of the border port of Tripoli with Jordan, the prime minister said that “security on the highway with Jordan Of officials And we want the army to be outside the cities if there is no immediate danger.
“He added,” We have a timetable to reopen the international road between Iraq and Jordan, “pointing to”
To try to secure the north of the highway in the valley of Horan in Anbar province, the presence of terrorist cells in it, “stressing” to re-open the road, which is in the interest of Iraq, especially Anbar, as well as Jordan. ” And the donor conference for the reconstruction of liberated cities in Iraq and scheduled to take place in Kuwait at the beginning of next year 2018
“We have received a request from Kuwait and informed us of its intention to host this conference,” he said, adding that “all the Iraqis have suffered because of the entry of a da’ash, That “the World Bank intervened in the matter at the request of Kuwait and Iraq to manage this file and the disbursement of funds explicitly.
” Ebadi expected “


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