A senior Kurdish delegation is preparing to visit Baghdad for dialogue on the referendum

Date of release: 2017/8/1 9:20 

(Baghdad: al-Furat News) Political analyst Ali al-Faily expects a high-level Kurdish delegation from the Kurdistan region to visit the federal government in Baghdad to discuss the referendum on the independence of the province.

“It is expected that a large Kurdish delegation including ministers, officials and personalities from various components in Kurdistan to visit the federal government and politicians in Baghdad to discuss the issue of the referendum,” Faily told the {Euphrates News}. 

“Before any step, the referendum will be through dialogue with political partners and not be singled out,” he said. 

“Since 2003, we have tried all methods and relations with the Iraqi government and the two sides have not succeeded. We have to go to other ways. The last victim of the troubled relationship between the government and the region is the Kurdish people.” 

“The federal government is responsible for the non-ratification of Article 140 in the constitution on the disputed areas and addressing this crisis. The last option is the referendum and take the opinion of the Kurdish people,” he said. 

He pointed to “the insistence of the region to negotiate with Baghdad and to reject any recent incident.” 

The Supreme Council for the referendum in the Kurdistan region, decided at its meeting last Sunday, assigned Massoud Barzani and Kuzrat Rasul Ali to form a negotiating delegation with Baghdad, and decided to activate the parliament of Kurdistan within two weeks to resolve the differences and support the referendum. 

And the Supreme Council for the referendum, headed by Barzani, was recently formed to follow up the necessary procedures for the referendum process in the Kurdistan region scheduled for 25 September 2017. 

The federal government and regional countries such as Iran and Turkey and other major US and Russia reject the Kurdish referendum and the declaration of separation from Iraq.



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