New US consul in Basra: eager to share trade


Date of release: 2017/7/31 20:31 • 78 times scheduled
[Ayna-Baghdad] The
new US Consul General [Timy Davies] received work assignments at the US consulate in Basra province, replacing former Consul [Wayne Dayton].
“The local government of Basra aspires to increase cooperation with the United States,” Basra Governor Majid Nasrawi told a news conference after the new consul’s visit to the local government on Monday.
He said that “the meeting discussed the opening of prospects for cooperation and in many aspects, including health, agriculture and education, as well as the political side, especially with regard to the upcoming elections.”
“The US consulate has an idea to invest in tourism in the marshes after its accession to the World Heritage List, as well as investment in agriculture and education,” Nasrawi said.
For his part, said the new Consul Timmy Davis, the US consulate is eager to participate in increasing trade and joint work between the two countries.


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