Washington concludes an agreement with Baghdad to deploy troops in Anbar

A security source disclosed on Sunday an agreement between the United States and the Iraqi government to deploy US troops on the international road in Anbar province.

“The deployment of US forces on the international highway and the area of ​​Kilo 200 to the Arar border crossing west of Anbar came on the basis of an agreement signed between the US and Iraqi sides to secure these areas,” the source told The Journal News.

“The deployment of US forces on the international road is not a result of the fact that they are moving from time to time from one area to another and under the air cover of coalition air and air control of the marching planes known as desert monsters, also known as silent and fly high and low without sound.”

“The Anbar government and the security leaders are not allowed to know the American operations in Anbar and prevent the escort of US forces to any Iraqi force and even to participate in military units, they are chosen from combat brigades,” the source said.



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