Urgent policy .. Kurdistan decides to send a delegation to Baghdad to discuss the referendum

 Twilight News    

 23 minutes ago
The Supreme Committee of the referendum in Kurdistan has decided to send to Baghdad to discuss the planned operation on September 25. 

The committee is holding a meeting in Erbil under the supervision of Massoud Barzani, to search for files. 

An informed source told Shafak News that the meeting decided to send a special delegation to the capital Baghdad to discuss the referendum file with Iraqi officials. 

It is not yet clear when the delegation will be sent. 

The President of the Kurdistan Region, Massoud Barzani, was directed to activate the parliament of the province, which is hindered by a political dispute between the Kurdistan Democratic Party, which he heads, and the party of the Speaker of the Movement of Change within two weeks. 

These changes in the political scene in the Kurdistan region in the framework of the Kurds to hold a referendum in September next may lead to independence from the Iraqi state, following a decision taken by a meeting held by 16 parties in the province of the Movement for Change. 

Officials in Baghdad have announced their opposition to the referendum.



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