Etisalat Announces Launch of National Internet Project

Local Since 2017-07-30 at 12:26 (Baghdad time)


 Baghdad Mawazine News

The Ministry of Communications announced on Sunday the launch of the national Internet project.

“In order to improve the quality of the Internet in Iraq, the Ministry of Communications represented the General Company for the services of the International Information Network to hold a conference to announce the launch of the Iraqi National Internet Project in cooperation with Earth Link and Symphony, To improve the reality of the Internet and communications and keep pace with the latest technological developments in the world. ”

She added, “With extraordinary efforts, the ministry cadres cooperated with the partners in the project to connect Iraq with international cables from four border ports with the establishment of an international access gateway to secure and protect the data and under the direct supervision of the specialized technical staff by connecting Iraq to the international network (optical cable) The equipment is the best in the world. ”

“Iraq will also achieve significant financial returns and many job opportunities. Iraq will be an international country, and will contribute to the development of the public and private economic sector. It will also play a prominent role in preserving Iraqi and global security.”


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