Prime Minister Dr. Haider al-Abadi issues a decree ordering the allocation of land plots in good residential sites to the families of the heroes who were martyred in the battle against terrorism


2 9 July 2017
The Prime Minister, Dr. Haider Abadi, issued a decree ordering the allocation of land in the residential sites of the families of the heroes who were martyred in the face of terrorism and the liberation battles of the Daheshi and the armed forces and security of all kinds, and popular mobilization, and volunteers from the tribal crowd and the Peshmerga, and the disabled who participated in those battles, Unable to work.

The Prime Minister issued the Diwani order as an expression of loyalty to the victory makers, who contributed to the elimination of gangs and the encouragement of terror and the liberation of our beloved lands, the latest of which was the city of Mosul, which issued the directives of religious authority.

The ministries of finance, reconstruction, housing, municipalities and public works (the Municipality of Baghdad and local governments) will create plots of land of 200 square meters each in good residential areas within the municipal boundaries of the administrative units.

The land is allocated after providing it within the basic designs adopted in each administrative unit according to the place of residence of the family of the martyr or the disabled according to the housing card and by drawing lots between the covered.

The National Council for Housing will follow up the implementation of the above and put the necessary mechanisms for this and provide the infrastructure in coordination with the specialized companies, and complete the completion of all the stages required by the subject and coordination with the Martyrs and Ministries and other concerned parties to complete the task, to be detailed instructions and recommendations on the subject for the purpose presented to the Council of Ministers by 20 – 8-2017 has also been complemented by guidance that the concerned authorities process procedures provide residential lands and allocated no later than 1- 11 also holds the bodies -2 017 related to the provision of loans from banks andpain Privatization to build housing units for covered in this matter, and are direct in this matter immediately and make up work teams by the executive bodies concerned devote themselves to accomplish its tasks under thespecified time timings.




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