Nusseiri: The sincere intentions between the center and the region activate our national economy

money and business
Economy News _ Baghdad

The advisor of the Association of Iraqi Private Banks Samir al-Nusairi said on Friday that the sincere national intentions that were present at the meeting of the General Authority for Federal Taxation and the General Directorate of Taxation in the Kurdistan region and its main objective was the great national interest and revitalize the national economy and overcome the financial and economic crisis in the country.

Al-Nasiri said in an interview with “Economy News” that “during the meeting held between representatives of the General Authority for Federal Taxation and the General Directorate of Taxation in the Kurdistan Region, which was sponsored by the Association of Iraqi private banks was discussed ways to prevent double taxation and its negative impact on the private banking sector,” noting that ” Meeting the body of the national sense of high in order to serve the banking sector as the main link and financing the first in the economic circles, which will contribute if the working environment safe and appropriate and stable.

Al-Nasiri praised the efforts exerted by the two administrations to reach many points of agreement which resulted in reaching clear and specific recommendations based on national concern to enable banks to play their financial and investment role and to activate the economic cycle in all governorates. Within a unified specialized committee for review and standardization, which will achieve increased tax revenues and diversify sources of revenue.

“The center has pledged to train the employees of the region on the systems and programs that serve the tax work and the readiness to amend the legal articles in Law No. 113 of 1982, which is currently approved in the Ministry of Finance, The territory in terms of tax segments and expansions to be consistent with the origin of the federal law and the economic conditions experienced by Iraq.

He noted that “will be tax accounting with Iraqi private banks on the basis of the main location of the bank and all its branches operating in Iraq.”

Al-Nusairi urged the federal and regional governments to adopt the agreements reached by the two administrations in order to serve the supreme interest of the national economy and take advantage of them to deal with other matters. He called for the formation of permanent coordination committees to follow up the ratification of the references and start implementing quickly.

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