Iraq ‘s economy recovers “treasure” from Europe

Iraq recovers "treasure" from Europe
 Twilight News    
 24 minutes ago

The Ministry of Culture for Tourism and Antiquities Affairs Qais Hussein Rashid said that the ministry has succeeded in recovering 24 important artifacts, which had fled from Iraq in previous times and arrived for sale at a French auction.

The parliamentary culture and information committee demanded the Prime Minister, the Commander-in-Chief of the Armed Forces Haider al-Abadi, and all the security leaders and the popular crowd to preserve the antiquities in the province of Nineveh and to protect them against the thefts that are constantly being exposed to them.
Rashid added that the Paris Criminal Court had rejected Iraq’s request to restore its effects and issued its decision to refuse in 2013, but our insistence on the legitimate request of Iraq, and provide all the evidence and evidence proving Iraq’s right to it, and part of his legacy, which is looted and robbed because of war Terrorism has made the Court reconsider its decision to lead the restoration of these important effects to its home country.


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