US consulate in Basra announces allocation of $ 685 million for the development of the Iraqi Navy


Date of release:: 2017/7/26 17:35 • 65 times scheduled
The US consul in Basra said on Wednesday that his government had allocated $ 685 million in aid to develop the Iraqi navy.
“This assistance includes development, maintenance and joint exercises with regional countries on how to protect regional borders,” Dayton told a news conference during which he announced the end of his duties as a consul in Basra.

“It is hoped that the amount will increase and provide additional aid worth 250 million dollars.”

In another context, Dayton noted that “the US Consulate in Basra will launch a program of guidance for women in southern Iraq during the coming period,” noting that “the program will contribute to build the capacity of women to work and entrepreneurship, including women widows of martyrs who participated in military operations against gangs, .is over



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