Three important appeals before the Federal Court tomorrow


Release date: 2017/7/26 10:46 • 488 times read
(Baghdad: Al Furat News) The Supreme Federal Court will consider on Thursday four constitutional proceedings, first and foremost the appeal contained in some articles of the federal budget law for the year 2017.
A statement issued by the Information Office of the Federal Supreme Court received the agency {Euphrates News} a copy of it, “The Court will hold its meeting tomorrow and consider the cases listed on its agenda,” noting that “the first lawsuit relates to the challenge of the Prime Minister, A material of the federal budget law for the current year. ”
He explained that “the court had decided at its previous meeting to postpone the case for the purpose of the assignment of five new experts after the appeal contained in the report of the three former experts,” noting that “the new experts will also cost a report on the technical aspects of the subject of appeal.”
The statement pointed out that ”
The second lawsuit was set up by the Chairman of the Board of Commissioners in the Independent Electoral Commission, in addition to his job to request a ruling on the vote of non-conviction in accordance with the data of the session of the House of Representatives numbered 28 on 25/4/2017 unconstitutional and that the House of Representatives is not entitled to move from the stage of questioning to the stage of withdrawal “The third lawsuit was filed by Safa al-Din Rabie, asking for the ruling to force the defendant to the Speaker of the House of Representatives, in addition to his job to cancel and nullify the decision to exempt him from the post of Chairman of the Information and Communication Authority, issued on 11/4/2017, Provide legal and constitutional cover ” . The
statement said that ”
The fourth lawsuit pertains to an appeal filed by the chief executive of Atheer Communications – Iraq Limited, in addition to his role, in the request to rule on the unconstitutionality of Section 6 of Section 8 of CPA Order No. 65 of 2004, It is noteworthy that Prime Minister Haider al-Abbadi filed an appeal before the Federal Court in all transfers carried out by the House of Representatives on the budget of 2017, which is estimated at 280 billion dinars, including 54 billion was transferred to the balance of the House of Representatives The
government surprised the House of Representatives by appealing to 23 articles of the budget of 2017 , The claim includes an adult 15 paragraphs, and re-wording of other paragraphs The
appeals are important items contributed to the inclusion, within the budget to accelerate the process of recognition, petrodollar allocations, as claimed by the provinces, and review contracts oil licensing rounds.
The government also appealed to the border provinces of the revenues of the ports, allocations of the Peshmerga, which was cut from the budget of the army, in addition to challenging the provision to stop the appointments in the three presidencies, and the proportion of staff deductions reduced by Parliament to 3.8% instead of 4.8%.
It is noteworthy that the House of Representatives ended in its session on Tuesday the vote on the draft federal budget amended general law for the fiscal year 2017 and submitted by the Finance Committee Committee of Economy and Investment parliamentary to meet the shortfall in salaries of state employees and the public sector and members of the popular mobilization and ensure payment of pensions and secure the needs of displaced and the disbursement of dues The audited contractors from the Federal Audit Bureau, the farmers’ entitlements and the needs of the Ministries of Electricity, Oil and Health.


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