Kurds guarantee their share of the supplementary budget


Revealed a member of the Finance Committee parliamentary MP Hossam Aqabi, on Wednesday, the government guarantees for the Kurds in exchange for a vote on the supplementary budget voted by the House of Representatives recently.

The punishment in a statement to «Journal News» that “the Kurds voted on the supplementary budget in exchange for government guarantees represented in the ration card, medicines and medical supplies and the share of peasants in the region.”

On the other hand, a member of the Finance Committee parliamentary also Masoud Haider told the «Journal News» that “payment of dues in the Kurdistan region of the budget, linked to the export of oil through the company Sumo.”

He added that “the supplementary budget came to meet the investment expenses and operating expenses and the payment of retired salaries and wages of electricity.”

As revealed a member of the Committee on Economy and Estates, Jawad al-Bolani on Wednesday, that “the supplementary budget allocated part of it to social welfare and security file and projects development regions and investment projects projects that need simple amounts of money.

And voted the Iraqi Council of Representatives in its eighth session of the last legislative term of the third parliamentary session held last Monday on the Maronites complementary to the state.



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