Iraqi Officers Involved in Smuggling IS Leaders Under Investigation


Iraqi Officers Involved in Smuggling IS Leaders Under Investigation

ERBIL — After the battle in Mosul came to an end, cases of corruption that accompanied the course of the offensive are beginning to unfold. Iraqi officials have revealed that nine senior officers of the Iraqi army and federal police, and at least 30 soldiers have been involved in smuggling Islamic State (IS) leaders out of Mosul and transferring military and food supplies to the group in the city.

The investigation into these cases is highly secret as ordered by Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi, and the officers have been suspended from their positions and taken to Baghdad where the investigation is taking place.

This is one of the most dangerous cases of corruption that could cause harm to the Iraqi military and security institutions.

A senior Iraqi military official in Baghdad revealed to the Al Arabi al-Jadeed that many deals were made between those Iraqi officers and IS militants during and before the fight. He noted that local officials were involved in the coordination between the army and the militants.

The price of a pickup truck loaded with food was about $20,000 paid by the IS organization to the officers in the army, explaining that the officers and soldiers could be charged with high treason which carries the capital punishment under the Iraqi law.

The Iraqi official said “the government is currently investigating 38 individuals in the army and the federal police on charges of smuggling IS leaders,” adding that these officials have made huge amounts of money out of the business.



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