Iraqi ambassador in Saudi Arabia reveals the imminent resumption of flights between the two countries 



An Iraqi Airways plane
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Economy News Baghdad:

Iraq’s ambassador to Saudi Arabia, Rushdie al-Ani, on Wednesday announced the imminent resumption of flights between Iraq and Saudi Arabia, adding that 70,000 Iraqis were working in Saudi Arabia.

Al-Ani said in an interview published by the newspaper “Today” Saudi Arabia, and followed by “Economy News”, “flights between the two countries finalize before announcing the schedules of takeoff and landing,” adding that “the cities of Riyadh and Jeddah from the Saudi side, Baghdad, Najaf and Arbil and Basra from the side Iraq, will receive flights between the two countries in the near future. “

Al Ani pointed out that “the opening of land and air ports will contribute to stimulate trade, economic, trade and tourism relations,” stressing that “there are 70 thousand Iraqis working in the Kingdom.”

Al Ani welcomed “Saudi investors and Iraq is open to receive them, especially that investment opportunities are available and ready now,” describing the proximity of the two countries as a catalyst for investors.

Al-Ani said that “the length of the border between the two countries is estimated at 820 kilometers and the opening of the ports will shorten and reduce distances.” Al-Ani concluded his statement that “Iraq welcomes the Saudi tourist.”

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