Urgent {Euphrates News} published important decisions of the Council of Ministers to remove abuses

Release date: 2017/7/25 20:00 • 515 times read
(Baghdad: Al-Furat News) Cabinet decided in its meeting on Tuesday to remove the excesses on the real estate and land of the state.
A statement issued by the Prime Minister received the agency {Euphrates News} a copy of it today, the Council of Ministers discussed the issue of excesses on the land and real estate of the state and decided “to assign the security forces and the rapid reaction team tasks to remove abuses on state real estate and activate the implementation of Resolution No. 154 of 2001, For the purpose of removing abuses of real estate belonging to the state and municipalities.
The Council also decided to “establish a database of intelligence in a precise and detailed cases of encroachment on state property in coordination with the leaders and security and military agencies in the provinces of Iraq, and work to remove abuses of state property in accordance with the first two phases include the removal of trade and industrial and agricultural abuses, After examining the cases in detail. ”
For his part, Prime Minister Haider Abadi, during the meeting, a presentation of the preparations and preparations for the liberation of the remaining land and operations to clean up the old Mosul gangs of terror advocates, and efforts to restore stability and displaced people and services. “The
Council of Ministers, according to the statement,” continue to pursue the crime gangs and respond strongly, the need to inform the public on the details and the results of investigations into the crimes committed go, and to reassure citizens the security measures necessary to eliminate criminal gangs, warning of rumors and fabrication of false news to confuse and shuffle the cards “campaign.
the Council issued Ministers “several resolutions in the forefront of finding a solution to the problem of water Basra, studying a contract hauling water Basra project to a solid global company.”
He stressed ” To authorize the President of the National Investment Commission authority to negotiate and sign a draft agreement to encourage and protect investment between the Government of the Republic of Iraq and the Government of the United States of America , as amended by the State Council and authorize the Minister of Transport authority to negotiate and sign a draft air transport agreement between the Government of the Republic of Iraq and the Government of the United States of America. ” Shape A committee headed by the Minister of the Interior and the membership of the Ministers of Commerce, Agriculture, Industry and Minerals, the Chairman of the National Investment Commission and the representatives of the Ministries of Finance and Water Resources and representatives of the Border Ports Authority and the Union of Chambers The trade and the Iraqi Federation of Industries, follow up the talks with the concerned authorities in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia to promote economic and investment relations in the fields of trade, and Alersaih, industrial and in the public and private sectors “.anthy



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