Putin to Maliki: The situation in the Middle East, especially in Iraq is still complicated


The political scene Tuesday, July 25 2017 at 16:37 pm (88 views)
Putin to Maliki: The situation in the Middle East, especially in Iraq is still complicated

Baghdad / Sky Press: a

Russian President Vladimir Putin said Tuesday that the situation in Iraq and the region remains difficult.

Putin said during his meeting with Vice President Nuri al-Maliki that “Moscow is closely monitoring developments in the Middle East,” stressing that “the situation is still difficult in Iraq and the region as a whole.”

“Russia and Iraq have launched a joint government commission, and this committee is working intensively, but there is still much that both sides must do to promote economic cooperation,” he said.

Putin praised the “Russian-Iraqi cooperation in the military technical field,” noting that “Russia is actively working on this path and provide assistance to Iraq.”

For his part, al-Maliki highly appreciated “Russia’s contribution to the settlement of Middle East issues,” praising the “Russian role in preventing the disintegration and change the map of the region in a negative.”

Maliki said “Russia’s approval to accelerate the provision of some types of weapons to Baghdad to support the Iraqi army in the fight against terrorism.”



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