Announcement of a new salary distribution schedule in the Kurdistan Region


– 7/25/2017 4:03:00 AM1288 Number of readings


Khandan –

The Ministry of Finance in the Kurdistan Regional Government announced on Tuesday a new schedule for the distribution of salaries for the month of May 2017.

According to the schedule will be distributed salaries (Council of Asayish, Foundation General Asayesh) on Wednesday and Thursday (26-27 / 7/2017).

And on Sunday, 30/7/2017, distribution of salaries of martyrs and Anfal people and political prisoners, and salaries of the Ministry of Martyrs and Anfal.

And on Monday, 31/7/2017, the distribution of salaries of the following bodies:

– Ministry of Finance and Economy
– Ministry of Health
– Mine Corporation –
High Commission for the elections of Kurdistan
– Integrity Commission –
Authority – Environment Agency –
Kurdistan regions outside the administration of the region
– Human Rights
Commission – Financial Supervision



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