Abadi declares his political ambition and confirms: the referendum of the region is illegal (expanded)


Release Date: 2017/7/25 20:35 • 98 times read
Baghdad: Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi announced his political ambition in the upcoming parliamentary elections scheduled for 2018, as he explained the position of the federal government of the referendum of the Kurdistan region for independence from Iraq scheduled for next September.
“I have no political electoral list and so far I have not responded to the elections and I have not decided yet. All those who came from friends ask that, I told them, I have not yet decided on this side,” he told a weekly news conference.
“We have prepared a plan to liberate Tal Afar, and as we promised previously to liberate the territories, we will achieve this new liberation and a date has been set for launching the process,” he said.
Abadi pointed out that “the humanitarian aspect is important and the security forces treated it was humane and beautiful, where the finest examples of protection and displaced people were hit and keen on them,” noting that “the victory achieved by the measures and reforms was not surprising and got a reorganization and make the fighter fighting for the homeland and not the person of the authority and the development of the relationship between Military commanders and fighters to achieve integrity, professionalism, training and humanitarian handling. ”
He stressed that ”
“There is a war of rumors and intimidation of organized crime, some want to market sectarianism again and blow with a perforated punch and there are frenzied media campaigns, but now every crime gets some criminal differences, but some are trying to intimidate and took a set of measures to fight crime.” He pointed out that ” And 80% of the crimes are not organized as a regular disputes and personal differences and some of them did not happen at all, but there is intimidation by the parties of sadness of the liberation of Mosul and warn and call on citizens to mix the papers and what is incorrect from the intimidation of crimes of kidnapping and murder, “adding” Crime in b Ghaddad. ”
On the import of Turkey’s Iraqi oil from the fields of Kirkuk through the Kurdistan region, Abadi said that”
Half of the Iraqi oil exported to Turkey from Kirkuk, an Iraqi oil and this is unacceptable and was seized two-thirds of Kirkuk’s wells after the entry of a dipper and exported through the region and there is an agreement and no constitutional dispute that the old wells in Kirkuk run by the federal government. ” And the return of displaced people to their areas, ” the return of displaced persons is essential and non – return means the success of the Daesh broadcasting division among the sons of the Iraqi people and we are working on the return of displaced persons and we have a program in the cliff victory to re – displaced them and unfortunately there are wrong measures to re – displaced people.”
on the Kurdish referendum to secede , said al – Abadi , saying , “we are carving Of the aspirations of the Iraqi people and the Kurdish but we live in one homeland ruled by the Constitution and there is a paragraph in which a referendum for secession; so we treat the region as a referendum is unconstitutional and illegal and will not deal with him , and there is a crisis and the fact that differences in Kurdistan, “once again”
Calling for the parties to the region to restore the work of institutions, ” He said,” We ask how the referendum will be held and who is the authority that will take place if the provincial parliament and ministries are disabled in the government of Kurdistan, “warning” to walk in the direction of the referendum because it will affect everyone in Iraq and as some believe that Daesh will not be a danger to others, but the result was the opposite. ”
He added , ” today we have achieved a good discourse between the Iraqi army and the Peshmerga and want to resolve the outstanding issues and we call on the region for dialogue on government and grassroots level across the political blocs, and we are in one country and not a party may take a step alone decide the future of the country And most politicians of Kordesta N are not rushing to the referendum. ”
In a question to the Prime Minister about the arrest of foreign nationals,


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