President of the House of Representatives: Revised budget guarantee to secure the salaries of employees and retirees



– 7/24/2017 2:24:00 AM113 Number of readings


Khandan –

The price of the President of the Iraqi Council of Representatives Salim al-Jubouri on Monday, “the efforts of the Parliament in the speed of completion of the federal budget amended the general fiscal year 2017.”

“The importance of this budget and the efforts of the Council to achieve and vote on it comes in line with the plan of financial reform and ensure payment of salaries of employees and retirees, and secure the salaries of popular mobilization and coverage of the needs of displaced people.

Al-Jubouri said that “the budget to meet the requirements of the security agencies, which deserve all the thanks and pride and praise for what I have in liberating the land of Iraq from profiting and calling the terrorist, and will contribute to secure the needs of the Ministry of Electricity and the Ministry of Oil, and insurance medicines and medical supplies to the Ministry of Health and projects, The Ministry of Construction and Housing and the Municipality of Baghdad. ”


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