Parliament’s policy ends two readings of two laws and votes on the amendment of the budget of 2017 and raise its meeting for the third

 Twilight News    

 17 minutes ago

A parliamentary source said on Monday that the House of Representatives has finished reading two draft laws while voted on an amendment to the budget of the State of Iraq for the current year.
The source told Twilight News, the House of Representatives voted on the revised federal budget bill for fiscal year 2017.
He added that the council is the first reading of the proposal of the law to commemorate the sacrifices of the martyrs of the war against the gangs, urging the terrorists and accelerating the completion of their transactions and the utmost care for their wounds.                       
The source added that the council has also completed the first reading of the draft law of accession of the Republic of Iraq to the Convention on International Safeguards on Mobile Equipment and its protocol on matters related to aircraft equipment and declarations complementary to its accession to the Republic of Iraq, saying that the Council has lifted its meeting to Tuesday of the week Next.


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