Parliament votes on the amended 2017 budget and ends reading amending the amnesty law {expanded}

Editorial Date: 2017/7/24 14:58 

(Baghdad: Euphrates News) The voice of the House of Representatives in its eighth ordinary session of the first legislative term of the fourth legislative year held under the chairmanship of Salim Jubouri, the President of the Council and in the presence of 180 deputies on Monday to two laws and ended reading three laws.

A statement by the Information Department of the House of Representatives received the agency {Euphrates News} copy of it today, “At the outset of the meeting, President Jubouri decided to postpone the consideration of the appeals submitted on the validity of the membership of some of the deputies needed for two-thirds of the members of the Council.” 

The Council voted in accordance with the statement on the “draft law on the ratification of the documents of the Bucharest Conference for the year 2004 attached to the Universal Postal Convention submitted by the committees of foreign relations and services and reconstruction and finance for the purpose of enhancing cooperation in the regulation of postal transport and to ensure the best ways to the World Postal Service and to ratify the documents of the Bucharest Conference for the year 2004 annexed Of the Universal Postal Convention of 1947, which Iraq ratified by Law No. 31 of 1950. ” 

The council urged the vote on “the draft law on the freedom of expression, assembly and peaceful demonstration provided by the legal committees, human rights, security, defense, culture, media, endowments and religious affairs at the request of the concerned committees.” 

The President Jubouri committees concerned with “expediting the maturity of the draft law for the purpose of voting at the next meeting.” 

The Council completed the first reading of the proposed amendment to the first law of the general amnesty law No. 27 of 2016 submitted by the Legal Committee in view of the issues that appeared in the application of the law in the courts and the existence of a large number of cases that require the inclusion of a general amnesty relating to the waiver of the legal representative of the departments and similar names of those included in the amnesty law For the year 2008. 

The Council ended the vote on the draft amended federal budget law for the fiscal year 2017 and submitted by the Finance Committee Committee on Economy and Investment to fill the shortfall in salaries of state employees and the public sector and members of the popular mobilization and ensure the delivery D. Pension funds, providing for the needs of displaced persons, disbursement of audited contractors ‘receivables from the Federal Audit Bureau, farmers’ entitlements and securing the needs of the Ministries of Electricity, Oil and Health. 

Jubouri pointed out that “the House of Representatives added in the budget amendment two billion dinars to the Ministry of Water Resources to address water problems related to the water crisis in the province of Babylon.” 

The Council completed the first reading of the proposed law to commemorate the sacrifices of the war martyrs against the gangs, urging the terrorists and speeding up their dealings and taking care of their wounds, submitted by the Committee of Martyrs, Victims and Political Prisoners, in order to speed up the process of martyrdom victims who sacrificed their lives in the holy war against terrorist gangs and media. And ensure the rights of their families in a manner that preserves their dignity and is worthy of the sacrifices and heroics of the martyrs and their place of care and treatment of the wounded, wounded and those with special needs. 

The Council completed the reading of a report and discussion of the draft law on the accession of the Republic of Iraq to the Convention on International Safeguards on Mobile Equipment and its Protocol on matters relating to aircraft equipment and supplementary declarations for its accession to the Republic of Iraq submitted by the Committees on Foreign Relations, Services and Reconstruction.


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