Iraqi Army Won’t Interfere in Political Issues, Kurdistan Independence: Minister


Iraqi Army Won’t Interfere in Political Issues, Kurdistan Independence: Minister

ERBIL — Iraq’s Defence Minister Irfan Hayali said on Monday that the country’s armed forces will not interfere in the political affairs, including the issues pertaining to the imminent independence referendum in the Kurdistan Region.

During an interview with Kurdistan24, Hayali also rejected the media reports which had claimed that the Iraqi army will react if the Kurdistan Region insists on holding an independence referendum.

His ministry has also made a press release prior to the interview calling the media reports “untrue”.

Hayali also made it clear that Kurdistan’s independence referendum was not on his agenda during his visit to Tehran where he met with a number of Iranian officials, including Iran’s Defence Minister.

The official however prised the role of Kurdistan Region and its Peshmerga forces in the war on Islamic State, stating that there us a strong military coordination between Erbil and Baghdad. “We are all fighting a common enemy,” he added.

Kurdistan Region is set to hold an independence referendum on 25th September. The decision was made after a meeting between President Masoud Barzani and the Kurdish political parties on 7th of June.


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