Iran ‘s economy is changing its currency

Iran announces change of currency
 Twilight News    
 59 minutes ago

In a surprise decision, the Iranian government decided to replace its currency with a new currency.
Where the Iranian government announced that it considered the Toman the main currency in Iran as an alternative to the riyal, and the Toman equal to about 10 riyals.
The government’s decision came at a cabinet meeting chaired by Iranian President Hassan Rowhani in an effort to amend financial laws within Iran.
The Toman is the currency of ancient Iran, used until the 1930s, and later replaced by Rial, and to this day most Iranians refer to it by that name.
The official exchange rate of one US dollar is about 3,200 tomans, while the unofficial price is 3900 tomans per dollar.
The price of the dollar in Iran is currently more than 32 thousand riyals Iran, where the price of the dollar rose slightly after the announcement of the plan to transition to Altuman, but later declined.


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