(Photos) Meeting of the Presidency of Parliament with the heads of parliamentary blocs and committees


The Presidency of the Parliament held a meeting with the heads of the parliamentary blocs and committees today, and both the Presidency of the Council of Representatives and the political blocs decided to address the Prime Minister Haider al-Abbadi in order to send new candidates to the Federal Service Council against the backdrop of the rejection of other candidates last weekend .

A source from within the meeting of the Presidency of the Council and the political blocs, which was held in the Constitutional Hall of the House of Parliament, that ‘the meeting decided during the meeting, addressing Abadi to send new names, to fill the posts of members of the Federal Service Council, within a certain period of time’.

He added that ‘the meeting decided to include a vote on the candidates Abadi within the current legislative term’.

He continued, they decided during the meeting ‘the formation of parliamentary committees to follow up the government institutions managed by the parties’.

During the meeting, according to the source, ‘discuss the law of balance and transfers and salaries of popular mobilization and the benefits of farmers’, in addition to ‘and urged the Finance Committee to complete the budget for voting during the meeting tomorrow.’

And called the meeting to ‘hold a meeting tomorrow, to reach a final agreement on the law of provincial elections’.



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