Minister of Planning: Iraq is on the stage of investment and development

Minister of Planning Salman Jumaili


 Emaar Construction

Economy News Baghdad: 
The Minister of Planning, Salman al-Jumaili, said Sunday that Iraq is on the stage of investment and development of large is to defeat terrorism and liberate the land and start the process of reconstruction and construction. 
The Ministry of Planning, in a press release received by “Economy News” a copy, “Al-Jumaili met with the President of the American Chambers of Commerce and a large number of businessmen and traders and managers of major companies in the US capital Washington, and the meeting discussed a number of important issues in the forefront of the post-victory And defeat terrorism and appropriate mechanisms to start the reconstruction process through the expected support of the international community to Iraq to enable it to meet the requirements of the reconstruction of liberated areas. 
The statement quoted the Minister of Planning, Salman Jumaili, as saying that “Iraq is on the stage of investment and development is significant and this is evidenced by the great interest shown by countries and international companies to enter the promising investment environment of Iraq,” noting that “Iraq on the threshold of a new stage is a Terrorism, liberating the land and launching the process of reconstruction and construction. ” 
He explained that “the Ministry of Planning has completed the preparation of the reconstruction and development plan for areas affected by terrorist acts over the next ten years,” noting that “this plan is linked to the five-year development plans (2018-2022) and (2023-2027).
He pointed out that “the Iraqi government is working to facilitate the business environment in Iraq commensurate with the international environment and encourage the heads of global business to enter the country,” stressing that “Iraq represents a significant investment opportunity in business in the Middle East and the world.”
He pointed out that “the current direction of the Iraqi government is fully open and cooperation with businessmen and investors, including American businessmen, with the aim of attracting foreign investment to the country and participate in projects of reconstruction and development plans, which have been subjected to many problems during the past years because of terrorism and financial crisis.” 
For their part, businessmen, investors and managers of US companies expressed their desire and readiness to invest and work in Iraq, stressing the importance of developing economic, trade and investment relations between the two countries and overcoming all difficulties and obstacles that would impede cooperation, especially with the desire and readiness of the governments of the two countries to further develop those relations.


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