The opening of the largest military base in the Middle East

Release date: 2017/7/22 13:10 

[Oan- follow – up] 

opened Egyptian President Abdel Fattah al- Sisi, on Saturday, the base [Mohamed Naguib] military province of Marsa Matrouh north – west of the country, which is the largest military base in the Middle East and Africa.

Al-Sisi witnessed the graduation of a new batch of students from military colleges and institutes in the northern military region, for the first time, in the presence of senior leaders of the armed forces, state officials in Egypt and representatives of Arab countries. 

The Mohammed Najib base, which replaced the military city in Hammam, which was established in 1993, comprises 1155 vital installations, including 72 integrated training fields, including a complex of specialized training fields, an electronic tactical shooting range using state-of-the-art shooting systems, And two residential units for officers and noncommissioned officers. 

The base was established to enhance the ability of the armed forces to protect the population centers, strategic economic installations and productive projects west of Alexandria and the western border, including the planned Dabaa nuclear station in the coming years, the oil fields in Western Sahara, the new city of Elamein, Average.


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