East of Mosul, “embraces” West by “bridge victory”


Sweeteners     Access_time 2017/07/22 17:45

Baghdad today – Mosul

The battle to liberate the Iraqi city of Mosul, which lasted for months, destroyed all bridges linking the eastern and western parts of the Tigris River.

The residents of the Iraqi city of Mosul are currently crossing back and forth as a temporary bridge that is the only link. It is called the “Victory Bridge” after the liberation of the city from the control of the Da’ash organization.

After returning to state control, thousands of Mosulis cross the bridge daily to the devastated west side, called the right coast, to inspect their homes, collect belongings or find a place to live in the east.

Civilians are forced to cross the bridge, which is built for military purposes, on foot, where taxis stop on the east side about half a kilometer until soldiers check their papers.

Although residents are relieved of the suffering and difficulties they have faced in three years of terrorists’ control, they are concerned about the difficult humanitarian situation and lack of services in the hope of a better future.




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