After liberation .. Mosul witnessing a sharp escalation between the popular crowd and the guards Nujaifi

Journal July 21, 2017


The city of Mosul, liberated from the control of a terrorist organization, has seen a sharp security escalation between the forces of the Ninewa Ninawa and Ninewa’s Ninewa Guard, which is a new challenge facing the city after liberation.
Armed clashes broke out Thursday between the Ninewa guards and the Martyrs Brigades, which are part of the popular crowd near the cultural group in Mosul.
The Secretary-General of the Brigades of the martyrs of Abu Al-Walai Al-Walai, the guard of Nineveh until Saturday morning to get out of the city of Mosul.
A spokesman for the Ninewa Guard Zuhair al-Jubouri told the “Journal News” that “the deadline launched by the Brigades of the martyrs of the Nineveh Guards to leave Mosul until tomorrow morning do not concern us and do not give any attention to them,” noting that “the Nineveh guards receive military orders only from Commander-in-Chief of the Armed Forces Haider al-Abadi. ”
On the differences with the movement of the master of martyrs, Jubouri said that “a fight between a number of fighters in the Nineveh Guards and the Brigades of martyrs in the cultural group in Mosul led to minor injuries, requiring the intervention of the Joint Operations Command and solve peacefully,” adding that “the command of operations referred the culprits In a fight to arrest the maximum penalties against them. ”
The Joint Security Forces managed 10 July 2017 to liberate the city of Mosul completely from the control of the organization calling on the terrorist who occupied it on 10 June 2014.

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