Parliamentary policy is “strongly” on al-Maliki on the charge of the people of Mosul to hand over the city to Daish

 Twilight News    

 6 hours ago
The deputy of the province of Nineveh, Farah Al-Sarraj, on Friday accused the Vice President of the Republic, leader of the coalition of state law Nuri financial charges of the people of Mosul in cooperation with the organization calls for handing over the city to the hard organization in mid-2014.
Maliki, who was the head of the Iraqi federal government and the commander-in-chief of the armed forces before Haider Abadi accused in a newspaper interview the people of Mosul to overthrow the city, however, the militant organization “a conspiracy between the remnants of the Baath Party” and the province and local government.
“Al-Sarraj said in a statement that” we express our rejection of this false and unfair statement of the truth, which Mr. Maliki is trying occasionally to repudiate and throw it at others, “saying that” Maliki is directly responsible for the fall of Mosul and other cities as commander-in-chief of the armed forces, Things and leadership in a timely manner and this puts him directly responsible for everything that happened to the sons of Mosul from the scourge and destruction at the hands of gangs and calls the terrorist. ”
“The sons of the city of Mosul, when they invaded the terrorist gangs of their city, were disarmed and even light weapons,” she said, pointing out that the sons of the city of Mosul were the victims of a government default that resulted in handing over the whole city to criminal gangs that killed tens of thousands of its finest sons and destroyed its infrastructure Almost completely and displaced hundreds of thousands of them. ”
“The sectarian self, which we hear clearly in Mr. Maliki’s statements, makes him a fanatic of the oath he has made and became a protector of the constitution and vice president of the republic,” she said. “If the numbers were only 5,000, why did not the general commander of the armed forces The former liberated Mosul and made us lose the people of Mosul 27 thousand civilians under the rule of the terrorist “?

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