Deputy for Nineveh respond to al-Maliki and is responsible for the direct fall of Mosul


Editorial Date: 2017/7/21 21:27 • 96 times read
[Ayna-Baghdad] A
deputy from the province of Nineveh responded to the statements of Vice-President Nuri al-Maliki, in which the people of Mosul counted as those who dropped the city of Mosul in the hands of gangs and called for terrorism.
“We heard a statement by Vice President Nuri al-Maliki that the people of Mosul have dropped the city of Mosul in the hands of gangs and called on the terrorist plot between the remnants of the Baath Party,” said MP Farah al-Sarraj in a press statement. “And the provincial government and the President of the Kurdistan region Massoud Barzani.”
“Al-Maliki is directly responsible for the fall of Mosul and other cities because he is the commander-in-chief of the armed forces, who is in charge of leadership and leadership at the time,” she said.
“This puts him directly responsible for everything that happened to the sons of Mosul from the scourge and destruction by the gangs, calling for terrorism,” she said, adding that ” We wonder if the numbers are just 5,000. Why did not the commander-in-chief of the former armed forces liberate Mosul and make us lose 27,000 civilians under the rule of the terrorist? “Finally, the communities of Nineveh with all its components will rebuild the city without the need to topple the regime of a neighboring state because it is not our fault to interfere in the fate of the neighboring countries,” he said. All but ” Vice-President Nuri al-Maliki said in an interview published today that” the people of the city of Mosul are dropped into the hands of the terrorist, a conspiracy between the remnants of the Baath Party and the province and the local government and Massoud Barzani. ”


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