An international agreement to begin the first stages of reconstruction of Mosul

UN agreement to begin the first phase of the reconstruction of Mosul

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 one hour ago

The United Nations Humanitarian Coordinator for Iraq, Liz Grande, said the agreement with the Baghdad government has been agreed on the first phase of reconstruction of the city of Mosul. 

This came at a joint press conference, held by the UN official in Mosul with the Secretary General of the Iraqi Council of Ministers, Ali Alaq, and the governor of Nineveh, Nofal Sultani. 

Grandi said that the first phase “includes 70 projects, in particular the reform of the health system, sanitation, water, electricity and civilian houses,” and explained that there is “worried” about the extent of the destruction suffered by civilian homes and mechanism of return, and discussed with the ” “I built it. 

The cost of the first phase and the details of the subsequent stages were not announced. 

For his part, the Secretary-General of the Iraqi Council of Ministers, that the old city in Mosul was subjected to “total destruction”. 

“Work is under way to restore essential services, such as water and electricity. We now have two drinking water projects on the western side of the city, and electricity will be connected to start up,” he said, without giving further details. 

“Work is also underway to restart the Mosul power plant, which could produce up to 750 megawatts, but the problem now lies in power transmission lines, which were sabotaged by terrorists,” he said, referring to the Daash organization, which was defeated by government forces, Last week, after battles lasted more than eight months. 

As for the size of the destruction in the city of Mosul, Al-Alak pointed out that “on the western side were divided neighborhoods according to the proportion of damage, some suffered minor damage, and some of them were subjected to mass destruction, as in the old city.” 

“There are 72 bridges destroyed in Mosul and the surrounding areas, and only one bridge has been reconstructed by local government efforts,” said Noufal al-Sultani, governor of Nineveh. 

“The biggest work we are currently facing in areas that have suffered extensive destruction, like the center of the city, is the rubble, which is difficult, but the work started.” 

The government announced the liberation of the city on July 10, following fierce battles lasted about 9 months, with the help of the international coalition to fight the Washington-led organization. 

The fighting displaced about 1 million civilians, about half of the population who were inside the city at the start of the fighting, in October.

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